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Why can’t I find a research article on my topic for Nursing 39000?

Last Updated: Jan 04, 2012  |  412 Views

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If you are having trouble finding one for your specific topic, first make sure that you are maximizing your search technique by thinking of synonyms for your search terms, and using the asterisk (*) at the end of the root of a word to search and find all words that start with that root. 

If you are still having issues finding articles for your specific topic, think about broadening your search a little. 

There are thousands of research articles to choose from in the CINAHL database, so at first don’t limit yourself to a very specific topic as it may not exist within the requirements of the assignment (published in a nursing journal in the last three years).  For example, if you are searching for articles on the more specific topic of blood transfusion in premature infants, you can make this search more broad by simply separately searching just for premature infants or blood transfusion instead of searching for both together.

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