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How do I use Remote Desktop to access my office computer from home?

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The following will instruct you in how to remotely access your office PC depending on the computer you are using. Please note that although you can use a Mac computer to remote into a Windows computer, we currently do not support Windows to Mac.

Also, make sure that the PC you are remoting IN to is not set to hibernate

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Windows to Windows

1.) Connect to the VPN Portal

2.) Go to your Start menu.

3.) Go to “Programs” or “All Programs”

4.) Choose “Accessories” (For Windows XP Users, choose "Connections" after this)

5.) Open the Remote Desktop Connection

Note: Alternatively, if you are on Windows Vista or Windows 7 you can type “Remote Desktop Connection” in the “Search Programs and Files” bar.


6.) You will be asked for the PC number of your office computer. Enter that in the computer box in PC#####N1 format. (Ex. PC00986N1) and click Connect.

Remote Desktop Connection Window


7.) You will be asked for your credentials. Type in your username and make sure to precede it with “staff\” (use the backslash key which is usually located directly below the backspace key on the keyboard). Click OK.

 Image for entering you credentials - username and password


8.) If all is successful, you should be given a screen that looks like the following. Click OK.

Image of Remote Desktop Notice to Users


Note: Your office PC must be turned on for this to work.


If you are unable to remote in and you receive an error that the PC cannot be located to connected to, you may need to make sure your remote settings on your office are correct and allow outside connections. 


 Mac to Windows

1.) Connect to the VPN Portal

2.) On your Dock, Open a new Finder Window.

Image of Mac dock


3.) In the Finder window, click Applications on the side and then find Remote Desktop Connection.

Note: Remote Desktop Connection comes with the Office for Mac 2011 package. If you do not have this or Remote Desktop Connection individually, you can download it on Microsoft's website:

Image of Applications folder on a Mac


4.) Type in your PC name in PC#####N1 format. Make sure to include all 5 digits of the number.

Image of Remote desktop PC name window


5.) Type in your username and password. Type in "Staff" for the domain (it may autofill with the PC number so make sure to change it!).

Image of login window


6. You should receive a notice. Click OK and you will log in. 

Note: If you or another user is logged in to the machine itself already, you will be prompted with a message concerning that. 

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